Traffic Violations

DO NOT PAY OFF YOUR TICKET BEFORE HAVING A FREE CONSULTATION WITH DAVID Q. PALMERS.   Not only can a ticket result in a dramatic increase in your insurance rates—which will last for 3 years—there are also numerous ways that your license can be suspended; for example, two convictions for driving over 55 mph within a 12 month period, speeding over 75 mph, or speeding over 55 miles per hour and over 15 mph over the limit can all result in a license suspension.  In addition, police officers will sometimes recommend that drivers go to driving school in exchange for getting what’s called a PJC when there generally are options that are not only better but that also don’t require spending time and money at a driving school.  In most cases, any legal fee you pay will be well spent by saving you hundreds, if not more than a thousand, dollars in increased insurance costs over a 3 year period and, in some cases, even save your license.  In most cases, you will also be able to avoid the hassle of having to go to court.

David Q. Palmers has sixteen years of experience reducing or negating the negative consequences that can arise from a traffic citation and would be glad to help you as well.  Mr. Palmers will personally handle your case and use his best efforts to prevent your insurance rates from increasing or prevent you from losing your license.  No attorney can guarantee a result but what Mr. Palmers can guarantee you is that he will use his best efforts and do all that I can to obtain the best result possible for you.