“David did a great job with my case, even when I thought it was almost impossible to win, he was able to get the case dismissed for me. I am over satisfied with his work.”

Eric A.

David is by far the best attorney Ive ever had he is very smart and has so many clients and still managed to keep me and my mother beyond informed. He devotes his entire life to his job more than most attorneys do. He also managed to solve my case of 9 felonies for selling heroin to an undercover detective to just 22 days in county jail and basic probation with just 2 convictions. I would recommend David as your next lawyer he is the best at what he does and to this day I will still call him for legal advice and he is always right! Thank you David!

Haley G.

David not only represented us for traffic violation, he also kept our insurance from going up and handled due to an error by the clerk of court David took the time to drop what he was doing and run up to handle issues out of his control on our behalf.  Most attorneys do the one job and then are done with you, not David!  He went far beyond measures every time I called in order to get things done at a fraction of the cost mind you!  He then followed up after each issue to be sure it was handle! I cant even say enough to thank him!

Chris. C

I was charged with DWI, No Drivers License, and Disorderly Conduct.  Mr. Palmers got my charges reduced only to Reckless Driving.  If youre looking for a really good lawyer who will fight for you, I highly recommend David Palmers !

Nikki J.

We had the pleasure of working with David Palmers on a few occasions for DUI/tickets. He was the absolute best attorney hands down in this field. He was always there to give us personal attention to our matter. He is well informed on all of the current and past laws and guidelines. I never would of been able to navigate thru all the legal red tape that comes with the court system. He handled everything so professionally. I never once had to worry about the outcome of my case he made us rest easy during the situation we were going thru as well as in court. I would highly recommend David Palmers for any of your legal needs. He is well educated dedicated to his clients and he is very reasonably priced for the services he provides. If we ever need him again we know he will do an excellent job. Every time we have used him he has given us excellent results and superior service. Thank you David for taking such good care of us.

Amie I.

About eighteen months ago, I found myself in a compromised position in regards to my drivers license. I was charged with DWI and my license was revoked for refusing to blow.  I wasnt driving my car when the officer arrested me; instead, I was sleeping in it on the side of the road.  I consulted with Mr. Palmers and he told me he thought I had a valid defense to the DWI and the license revocation.  He thoroughly investigated the case and aggressively defended me in court and at the DMV.  Through his brinksmanship, he took advantage of the prosecutors mistakes and got the DWI dismissed.  Then we had a hearing at the DMV on the revoked license.  David got the revocation rescinded by showing that the officer had no right to make me blow in the first place because he illegally arrested me because he had no proof I was driving the car when I was impaired.

Aaron M.

I have used Mr. Palmers many times in the past.  I have always received the best service and results possible.  He explained all the options and has never over promised!!  Delivered better than expected results!!  He has a vast knowledge and understanding of law in many areas.  He is honest and very dependable. He treats you like a person and not just a number as some lawyers do after they get your money.  I promise you wont be disappointed with Mr. Palmers .

John P.

I got a ticket for speeding in a work zone, which meant I was supposed to have a $250 fine on top of the regular fine and court costs.  David worked out a deal where I was able to plead responsible to speeding outside a work zone so I didnt have to pay the extra $250.00 fine.  He also had the speed changed so it didnt put insurance points on my license.  Call David if you have a traffic ticket.

Zay Zay G.

I got a speeding ticket and David got it dismissed and kept my insurance premium from increasing.  If you get a speeding ticket, another traffic ticket, or a DWI, I would recommend David Palmers .

Adam A.

Thank you for your excellent representation.  I felt at every point during the trial I had superior representation, a fact that was later confirmed during discussion with the jury members.  Your courtroom presence gave me confidence throughout the proceedings that we would get a favorable ruling, especially your grilling cross-examination of the plaintiffs key witness. Im sure that we won the case at that point.  I was not only impressed by your passionate closing argument, but moved emotionally to hear someone defend me so vigorously.  You protected me and my business against a much larger company with far greater resources with a level of service not often seen and I will always be grateful for the way you dispatched this threat to my livelihood.

Marvin P.

Among his many peers, Mr. Palmers stands out as a true outstanding professional within his field.  He is honest, completely dedicated to his client, ethical, and brilliant when it comes to book work and case knowledge.  When a good attorney is hard to come by, an exceptional attorney is quite a find; Mr. Palmers is such an individual.   . .  His calm and confident demeanor made it clear that he knew his line of work.  He repeatedly told me not to worry and that the stress was now on his shoulders. It is only because of his extensive knowledge and case savy that he was able to get my case dismissed.

Sigrid P.

Tyler & I both want to thank you so much for your wonderful representation, it has a been a long journey and you did a fine job.   We appreciate your words of knowledge and wisdom .

Julie F.

I was falsely charged with attempted robbery of a motel that was caught on video tape.  Instead of sitting back and waiting months for the prosecution to voluntarily hand over the tape, Mr. Palmers pressed to get a copy directly from the motel, which showed it wasnt me.  The charges were dismissed only two weeks after I was arrested.  To anyone looking for an aggressive criminal defense, I recommend David Palmers.

James L.

I recently met Mr. Palmers when I found myself in a bit of a legal snafu. He was professional and very reassuring. I felt like he genuinely cared about my case and was always accessible to answer my questions or concerns. Highly recommended.

Flynn W.

David Palmers will leave no stone unturned to get the very best result on your case.

Richard P.

David showed me he knows what hes talking about and was very persuasive with the judge.

Jerrett H.