David Q. Palmers has sixteen years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, is passionate about the practice of criminal defense, and is dedicated to doggedly pursuing the best result possible for each of his clients under the unique facts of their individual case.  Mr. Palmers prides himself on providing his clients with the personalized one-on-one attention they deserve, being accessible, prompt, and responsive to their needs, and treating them like a person and not a file.  Mr. Palmers believes that each client deserves to be fully informed of their options and the risks and potential benefits of those options.  Knowledge can help minimize the confusion and stress that a client may feel and serve to reassure and orient a client in what can sometimes be a tense and overwhelming situation.  An informed client can also serve as an asset in developing a sound defense strategy.

Mr. Palmers believes that hard work and thorough preparation are key to achieving the best result possible and that leaving no stone unturned can be crucial in formulating the best defense strategy.  Mr. Palmers begins each case with an in-depth free consultation where he will thoroughly go over the details of your case with you and inform you as to your options and the risks and benefits of those options.  After that, Mr. Palmers will conduct the necessary research or further analysis of the facts and then meet with you again to further discuss your options and the risks and benefits of those options to make sure that you fully understand them.  Depending on the complexity of your case, Mr. Palmers may need to meet with you on multiple occasions.

While Mr. Palmers will zealously pursue the best outcome for you, at the same time he will provide you with straightforward and candid advice as to your options.  After thoroughly analyzing your case, ascertaining all of the possible courses of action, and then assessing the risks and benefits of those options, Mr. Palmers will advise you as to what, in his best judgment, is the best course for you to take.  In some cases, a plea agreement will be the most advantageous choice and Mr. Palmers will seek to negotiate the best deal possible. Where, on the other hand, a trial is the route to be taken, Mr. Palmers will stand with and fight for you—no matter the accusations—and do all that he can to undermine the prosecution’s case and create reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors.

You deserve a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side who is dedicated to exhausting every possible defense in order to achieve the best result possible under the unique facts of your particular case.  Mr. Palmers wants to ensure you get the quality representation you deserve.

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